Manufacturing unique fabrics for over 40 years

We create CUSTOMIZED technical fabrics

We design, manufacture and finish technical plain and Jacquard fabrics for passenger seats, complying with specific European standards. We adapt to the requirements of each client

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WE DESIGN fabrics for regional costumes

We design, manufacture and finish fabrics for the manufacture of regional costumes with complex, colorful and bright prints.

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As manufacturers of high-quality textiles, we have extensive experience, a strong commitment to producing superior fabrics, and a deep dedication to excellence.

At Muaret Textile, we work with high-quality raw materials, applying advanced technology, supported by a great design and development team, and ensuring rigorous quality control, meeting all standards and certifications.
Our focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation sets us apart in the industry and makes us reliable suppliers for demanding companies.

As a manufacturer of fabrics and textiles, we are a company specialized in the creation of unique and customized fabrics according to the needs and specifications of each customer. We offer the opportunity to create exclusive fabrics that perfectly match the design, quality and style requirements of each customer.

When considering Muaret Textile as your manufacturer of high-quality fabrics and textiles, you can expect:

  • Consultation and design: We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and preferences. We conduct an initial consultation where we discuss the details of the project, design, pattern, yarns, materials, colors and technical specifications. We have expert textile designers who will help translate your ideas into a tangible design.

  • Material selection: Once the design has been defined, we will select the appropriate materials to create the fabric. As a manufacturer of high quality fabrics, we offer a wide range of options, such as polyamide and wool, polyester and rayon, among others.

  • Production process: In our projects, we apply specialized production techniques to create the fabrics according to the agreed design. We use different weaving methods: conventional loom, Jacquard weaving, yarn dyeing and other specific processes to achieve the desired result. During this process, constant communication will be maintained with the customer to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.

  • Quality control: We take care of the quality of our products and perform rigorous quality controls at each stage of the production process. This ensures that the fabric meets the desired standards of strength, durability, color, texture and finish.

  • Volume and lead times: When looking for a custom fabric manufacturer, it is important to consider their production capacity and lead times. We will be sure to discuss these aspects before starting the process.

  • Costs: Prices for custom fabrics and textiles may vary depending on several factors, such as materials, design, complexity of the project, and quantity ordered. It is important to consider the budget and discuss costs with the manufacturer before starting the project.

When working with Muaret Textil, manufacturers of high-quality fabrics, you can obtain exclusive and unique fabrics for your projects, whether technical fabrics or fabrics for regional costumes, our main areas of specialization.
We are a company with experience, reputation and ability to meet customer requirements and expectations.