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We create and manufacture EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS

Our long experience in the production of fabrics for national traditions and regional religious representations makes it possible for thousands of people to proudly wear their unique dresses and costumes every year.

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INNOVATING fabrics year after year

We work to improve the colors and designs of our fabrics without sacrificing excellence in quality and finish. We are proud to see how every year our fabrics dress the participants in the fallas of Valencia, the santeros of Andalucia or the baturras of Aragon.


Pioneers in the traditional clothing sector throughout Spain.
falleras tejidos regionales

Fallas dresses in Valencia

tejidos regionales baturras

Baturra dresses in Aragon

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    The regional dresses and costumes in Spain are an important part of the culture and traditions of each region. These costumes are usually made with specific fabrics that reflect the identity and heritage of each area.

    In Muaret Textil we design and manufacture fabrics for unique regional costumes so that those who wear them can wear them with pride. Each region has its own traditions and specific characteristics in terms of the materials and styles used, and we adapt to each of the requirements.

    Among the fabrics used in the regional dresses and costumes we manufacture we find:

    • Fallas costume:

    • The fallera costume, traditional of the Valencian Community, consists of a voluminous skirt and a bodice. The fabric used for the skirt is “tela de fallera”, a luxurious and elaborate silk characterized by its intense colors and soft texture. As manufacturers of fabrics for regional dresses, we make them with the Jacquard technique with patterns that combine flowers and borders, creating unique and exclusive designs.

    • Baturra costume:

    • The baturra costume is the typical clothing of Aragon. In the past, they were made with simple and basically plain fabrics, with materials such as wool, cotton or linen for “fatigues” and with silk embroidery for dress suits for important occasions. In Muaret textile we make fabrics for the baturra costume, interpreting the embroidery designs of the traditional costume based on the Jacquard weaving technique and elaborated with materials combining polyester and rayon making the effect of the costumes that were worn in the days of celebration.

    We adjust to the style and tradition of each costume.

    Regional costumes may vary in design and style according to locality and personal preference. Every year new designs and trends are presented in the fashion shows of each region, but always maintaining the essence and tradition of these typical costumes.

    The making of the regional costumes is different according to the region and the type of costume in question. In Muaret Textil we have expert professionals who know very well the process, from the design and pattern and the selection of specific and high quality fabrics and materials, to do everything according to the customer’s needs.

    We contribute to preserving the cultural heritage of each region.

    At Muaret Textil we are very proud to be able to contribute to the preservation and transmission of these traditions over time. With the manufacture of fabrics for regional costumes and dresses with quality fabrics and unique designs, we help to express the identity and folklore of each of these areas.

    In addition, the craftsmanship and attention to detail that we apply to the fabrics of these suits make them true works of art. The high quality of the different designs guarantees the authenticity and preservation of these traditional garments, allowing them to last over time and be passed on from generation to generation.