We design, manufacture and finish technical plain and Jacquard fabrics for public transport passenger seats, complying with specific European and international standards in terms of abrasion, light fastness, fire retardant, smoke and stain resistance.

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As designers and manufacturers of premium textiles, our mission is to do everything necessary to make travelers feel comfortable on their way.


We coordinate the production processes, quality and logistics of the fabric, which we manufacture to measure, using technical raw materials and applying specific treatments, guaranteeing a precise and timely finish.


Solutions for the main operators and builders in the sector
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Seats for trains

Seats for railways

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Seats for the subway

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    The technical fabrics we design and manufacture at Muaret Textil are specially tailored to each of our clients. As manufacturers of technical fabrics, our textiles possess advanced properties and functionalities, making them suitable for various applications.

    High-quality materials and special treatments in manufacturing

    In passenger transportation, you will recognize our technical fabrics for their comfort, durability, safety, and unique design. Some of the key aspects of our technical fabrics used in passenger transportation seats are:

    • Abrasion resistance:

    • Seats in passenger transportation vehicles experience considerable wear and tear due to frequent use. The technical fabrics we manufacture at Muaret Textil have high abrasion resistance to ensure the longevity and durability of seat covers, maintaining their appearance and performance over time.

    • Stain resistance:

    • To maintain cleanliness and hygiene, seat covers in trains, trams, and metros where our fabrics are used must resist stains and spills. As manufacturers of technical fabrics, our textiles have stain-repellent properties and can prevent the absorption of liquids and substances, facilitating cleaning and maintenance.

    • Fire resistance:

    • Passenger transportation vehicles are subject to strict fire safety regulations. The technical fabrics used in seat covers incorporate flame retardant properties to reduce the risk of fire spread and smoke in case of accidents or emergencies.

    • Moisture management:

    • In the environments where our products are applied, moisture and perspiration are common, which is why technical fabrics with moisture-absorbing properties are required. These fabrics help absorb and transfer moisture away from the surface of the seat, keeping passengers dry and comfortable.

    • Comfort and cushioning:

    • As manufacturers of technical fabrics, our textiles are designed to provide greater comfort and cushioning. They can incorporate features such as padding, foam layers, or ergonomic designs to offer better support and enhance the overall seating experience for passengers.

    • UV resistance:

    • Fabrics used for passenger transportation seats that are exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods can fade or deteriorate over time. Our technical fabrics have UV-resistant properties and can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without significant color fading or material degradation.

    • Easy maintenance:

    • Our technical fabrics are primarily used in passenger transportation seats, so they are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Always dry clean. If required, they can have qualities such as stain release, anti-static properties, or the ability to resist dust and dirt, facilitating the cleaning process and reducing maintenance efforts.

    With Muaret Textil’s technical fabrics, we not only guarantee durable, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing passenger seats but also ensure they meet necessary safety standards. After all, these fabrics play a crucial role in the safety and comfort of passengers, as well as in the aesthetics and functionality of transportation vehicles.