Technical fabrics with lightfastness

At Muaret Textil, our passion for innovation and quality drives us beyond conventional boundaries. Our technical fabrics, specifically designed for both public and private transportation of people, boast exceptional resistance to lightfastness among other features. From buses to trains, we provide textile solutions that surpass conventional expectations, ensuring durability and optimal performance in high-demand environments.

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Cutting-edge technology for everyday use.

Our technical fabrics incorporate cutting-edge technologies that align with the demands of modern public transportation. Lightfastness resistance is one of our priorities, ensuring that colors remain vibrant and sharp despite continuous exposure to direct sunlight. This technology ensures not only visual appearance but also the structural integrity of the fabrics over time.

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We understand that fabrics used in public transportation seats must withstand daily challenges, from exposure to intense sunlight to constant wear and tear due to frequent use. Our technical fabrics are designed to withstand these extreme conditions, ensuring prolonged lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Our lightfast technical fabrics feature a key characteristic that ensures colors maintain their original intensity, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our textiles are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, offering exceptional durability and reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

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Comprehensive services for all companies

Muaret Textil not only provides advanced technical fabrics but also offers comprehensive design and manufacturing services. We take pride in being a comprehensive partner for our public transportation clients, providing tailored solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

In addition to physical controls, the obtained thread must also perform well with dyes and dyeing processes, thus ensuring the best colorfastness response.

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To verify these specifications, the following tests are conducted:

  • Lightfastness of dyes UNE-EN ISO 105 B02
  • Rubbing fastness of dyes ENAC-EN ISO 105- X12:2016
  • Dry cleaning fastness of dyes EN ISO 105-D01:2010
  • Wash fastness of dyes EN ISO 105-C10:2010
  • Soap fastness of dyes BS 1006:1990 UK-TB
  • Perspiration fastness of dyes EN ISO-E04:2013

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A tailored resistant solution

At Muaret Textil, we understand that functionality is as important as resistance. Therefore, we offer technical fabrics resistant to lightfastness with antimicrobial and water-repellent properties, providing a more hygienic and comfortable environment for both public and private transportation users. Our designers work collaboratively with clients to tailor fabrics to the specific needs of the project, ensuring a perfect balance between style and functionality.


If you’re looking for technical fabrics with lightfastness, featuring vibrant and bright colors that exceed expectations in public transportation, Muaret Textil is your choice. We also offer fabrics with other essential characteristics such as flame-resistant fabrics or textiles resistant to degradation.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, request samples, or receive a personalized quote. At Muaret Textil, we strive to bring innovation to every thread, and we want to be part of your next public transportation project!

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